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What is the turnaround time for mailing my print job?
If you submit a mailing list along with your prepaid order and there are no problems with your list, we will mail your print job 2 business days after printing. Please remember that we must receive your list no later than 4 days prior to your preferred mailing date or additional fees may be charged.
What are the delivery times for First Class and Standard Rate mailings?
Delivery days are based on averages from actual Digital Zone's mailings to various industries in these cities. Please note: Standard mailings can have large variations in delivery times. These fluctuations occur based on the time of year, volume of mail being processed etc. For example, standard rate mailings take considerably longer to deliver at peak times, such as holidays. If you have time sensitive materials, please consider planning ahead and mailing early or upgrading your mailing to first class.
* All First Class and Standard/Bulk Rate mailings originate from New York
* Estimates are from the day your direct mail printing job gets to the Post Office

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Mail Services | Postal Classifications | How to Submit Mailing Lists |
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