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What is the difference between First Class and Standard Mail (formerly Bulk Rate) for your mailing?
First-Class Mail is the best choice for any mailing projects of a time sensitive nature. It is generally delivered in 1-5 days nationally and 1-3 days in the North Eastern United States. U.S. Bulk Rate, which is now known as Standard Mail, and usually costs less, but takes longer to deliver. You can expect delivery of Standard Mail in 10-14 days nationally and 4-8 days in New York and the North Eastern United States. Additionally, First Class delivery is consistent throughout the year while Standard Mail can have large variations in delivery times. These fluctuations are beyond the control of Digital Zone or any printing company, and occur based on the time of year, volume of mail being processed etc. For example, standard rate mailings take considerably longer to deliver at peak times, such as holidays. If your mailing project from Digital Zone is of a time sensitive nature, please consider planning ahead and mailing early or upgrading your mailing to first class.
What are the benefits to using First Class mail?
First Class offers a lower postcard rate that applies to our Standard Size card (4.25" x 6"). Our 6" x 9" postcards mail at the regular First Class letter rate. Also, First Class automatically includes return of mail if the recipient has moved. (Please note that in order for undelivered mail to be returned to you it MUST include a return address. Undeliverable mail with no return address will be discarded by the US Postal Service.) Standard Mail is not forwarded unless you use an Ancillary Service Endorsement and pay additional fees for those forwarded and returned pieces.
Can you mail Standard Size (4.25" x 6") postcards at Standard rate?
Yes, but it is rarely cost-effective to do so and may actually cost more than mailing this size card at the First Class postcard rate. Bulk rate only offers discounts from the higher letter rate and does not offer lower postage for Standard Postcard size pieces. Keep this in mind when planning and budgeting your next post card mailing project.
Can I receive lower postage rates for my Non Profit organization?
Non Profit groups can apply to the U.S. Postal Service for approval to mail at special Non Profit postage rates. This class of mail is a lower priced Standard Mail rate with the same delivery time-frames. Once you have this approval, Digital Zone can mail for your organization at this discounted postage rate (we will need to keep documentation on file). This includes a completed Postal Service Form 3623 plus a request for additional entry on company letterhead signed by a responsible organization official. We will forward these documents to our local Post Office for their approval (this usually takes 3-5 days).
* All First Class and Standard/Bulk Rate mailings originate from New York

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Mail Services | Mailing Turnaround Times | How to Submit Mailing Lists |
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