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At Digital Zone we have one of the industries fastest and cost effective direct mail departments. We are able to print and mail your job in the time it takes other companies to print.
According to Business Owners; "Out of all the most effective tools used by small and mid-sized companies to drive business, DIRECT MAIL is the LEAST EXPENSIVE and time-consuming to implement, and the most important, highly effective"

Our mailing services include, address accuracy processing, NCOA (National Change of Address), merge/purge, CASS certification, inkjet addressing, removal of duplicate names in your list, postal presorting, drop off at the post office, and the postage option that fits your needs.

 Savings - When you print and mail with Us, your saving is more efficient.
  • Avoid Shipping Cost.
  • Get printed piece in the mail faster.
  • Remove third party direct mail houses.
  • Receive lowest postage rates.
  • We Update your Databases.
  • Free Set Up.
 Benefits of Digital Zone Printing & Mailing Service:
  • Convenience. Digital Zone offers a one-stop solution for printing and mailing.
  • Fast Turnaround Time. Your printed products can be mailed 2-5 business days after the printing job has been completed.
  • No Shipping Charges. You don’t pay to have printed products shipped to you.
  • List Certification. We will CASS certify your list to ensure that addresses are valid. We also remove duplicate addresses so that you only pay for what we mail.
 Services Include:
  • Proccesing the List.
  • Inkjet Addressing.
  • Duplication Removal.
  • CASS Certification.
  • Postal Presorting.
  • Drop at Post Office.
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